The history of Belt and Braces

From the very first sketches of that chair we always had the desire for it to be in clear acrylic but making something like that in a shed was never going to work, plus we could not afford the acrylic, so laminated plywood it was. Plyable got to a second prototype before we did what we are best at, leaving it and moving onto something else.

The story of Belt and Braces begins with the story of Plyable, a plywood chair we first sketched over eighteen years ago.


It languished until we found in our archive a grainy print out of a 3D rendering of the chair in clear acrylic.

We decided come what may we were going to make a concerted effort to get an acrylic version of the Plyable chair into production. If only we had know how much more development work Plyable needed, and how much it was going to cost, we might have thought twice.

To say it needed more development work would be an understatement. We had to completely re-engineer how the chair worked by adding two compression struts and a pivoting front section. Every time we solved one problem another would arise that we hadn't anticipated. Much of the time we have spent on this chair over the last two years has been with one hand under our chins and the other scratching our heads but the result is our most polished piece of work to date.