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Conflict Chair.

It is unfortunate that the times we live in are supplying us with many images of war zones from around the world. With war comes destruction and the familiar site of war-torn towns and cities strewn with rubble. This may sound like an unlikely starting point for a chair.

Constructed from two slabs of concrete and steel re-enforcing bar, the premise is to evoke a sense of confrontation, destruction, and devastation but also creation and beauty. Two sizes of re-bar are used, 10mm and 8mm. The larger diameter bar emerges from the thicker concrete slab and the smaller from the thinner slab, each slab attacking the other. When you sit ‘inside’ the chair you get the feeling of being between two warring sides.

The narrative is that in this snap shot of time something is created, in this case a comfortable chair; and it is comfortable! This aspect is important to the artists as they enjoy the shock factor when people sit in it.

William Drabble and Steve Woodman 2015