Woodmandrabble design statement pieces of furniture and objet d'art, supplying exclusive partners or selling direct to clients. Pieces are hand made in England and will last a lifetime. 

The designs are produced by Steve Woodman and William Drabble who have collaborated since 1998 producing furniture and art. Their work is characterised by bold forms contrasted with subtle design details, typically in synthetic materials using a mixture of modern and traditional craft techniques. 

They take a holistic approach to their work, not only coming up with the initial concept but also developing the manufacturing process, seeing the design process as an art form in itself.

Woodmandrabble believes the best way to a sustainable future is for products to be long lasting and serviceable. We aim for all our products to be robust and recyclable.

Our products are designed in a way that minimises waste. Off cuts of acrylic are recycled and our plywood comes only from sustainable sources.