One can not always rely on everything our eyes tell us. The world one sees is a composite of information from our senses and how one imagines our surroundings to be.

Our minds eye can easily become confused when distortions occur with our sensory inputs, confounding our expectations.


Distortion vases consist of identical square pieces of acrylic which can be uniquely stacked with almost limitless variation. This means no two vases need look the same. The aesthetic of the vase can change dramatically depending if the squares are arranged in an ordered or random pattern. Further variation can be achieved with the addition of coloured acetates inserted into the tube.


The Distortion vase range continues Woodmandrabbles exploration of acrylic as a luxury material. Due to the way the material reflects and refracts its surroundings the vases will blend into most interior settings.

Each piece is handcrafted by an 'acrylic artisan'

Vases come in three sizes

Small 100,100,160mm 1.6kg   £470

Medium 200,200,320mm, 13.3kg    £1650

Large 300,300,480mm, 43.2kg   £3250

Availability: Made to order.
Contact our sales team to order or purchase through William & Son
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